City Steering Committee

The City of Lincolnton Steering Committee’s primary function is to assist City government in aligning the committees, groups, and goals of allied support organizations (ASOs) to improve communications, remove duplicated efforts and align them with the City of Lincolnton’s Strategic Plan to accomplish the unified goal of a prosperous Lincolnton. The Committee shall have no powers, except as stated in the committee’s charter or as granted by the Lincolnton City Council.

The committee is an ad hoc committee created by the City Manager. Members are included based on organizational responsibilities and representation.

Purpose of the steering committee:

As an ad-hoc advisory committee, the Steering Committee provides input, support and coordination for city and ASO projects, concepts and direction to ensure alignment with the city’s strategic plan and individual ASO objectives and activities.

The committee provides no approval of ASO or city projects, boards, committees, functions, goals, plans or other functions.

The Steering Committee provides insight on short-term and long-term strategies in support of city goals. Members of the Steering Committee ensure city objectives are being adequately addressed and separate projects remain strategic.

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