Electric Distribution

To report a problem, please contact the Public Service Center at 704-736-8940.

Please provide a street address and location of the issue when reporting.

 After hours: 704-735-8202 (Communication Center)


Electric Distribution maintains the electric distribution lines that provide electric service to our customers. They are responsible for the maintenance of 75 miles of primary distribution lines, our distribution substation on Lincoln Street, as well as many more miles of secondary lines, services, etc.

These are the folks you see in bucket trucks in thunderstorms, during & after ice storms, and other events that interrupt your electric service, getting your power back on.

The team installs/repairs/maintains street lighting, traffic signals on city-maintained streets, cuts & trims trees for right-of-way maintenance, assists with electric maintenance at city-owned buildings/facilities, assists Street & Property Maintenance Division with tree trimming over streets, assists other governmental agencies, performs community service work, etc.

Code Of Ordinances

55.07 No claim for damages on account of accident

It is expressly agreed between the City and users and consumers of electric current or power that no claim for damages shall be made against the City on account of any wire connection or any other appliance breaking or accidental failure to supply current or power. 

(prior Code, 8-136)