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City of Lincolnton
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City Manager

  1. Agenda Request Form

    Request to speak before City Council or send a written comment to Council.

Community Relations & Special Events

  1. Community Relations Request Form

    Send a comment or suggestion to the Community Relations department.

  2. Parade Entry: 2019 Public Service, Christmas
  3. Parade Entry: 2021 PUBLIC SERVICE

    EMT/Fire/Marching Bands/Color Guards ONLY

  4. Special Event Permit Application

    Use this form for any events that will utilize any City of Lincolnton services including streets, sidewalks, public safety and/or... More…

  5. Vendor Application: 2019 Apple Drop
  6. Vendor Application: 2021 Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting
  7. Volunteer Application

    Volunteer Application - sign up to volunteer & help at events in Lincolnton. We need help with parades, festivals and community events... More…

  1. Parade Entry: 2019 Lincolnton Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting
  2. Parade Entry: 2021 Lincolnton Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting
  3. Public Art Permit Request
  4. Vendor Application for Special Events
  5. Vendor Application: 2019 Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting
  6. Volunteer Application

    Volunteer Application


  1. Car Seat Inspection Request Form
  2. Permit Application
  3. Volunteer Application
  1. Fire Marshal

    To be completed by Fire Marshal or appointed Fire official for the City of Lincolnton

  2. Smoke detector request


  1. Available Properties Form

    By submission of this form you hereby declare all knowledge of the property to be correct and the City of Lincolnton is in no way... More…

  2. Zoning Verification Request Form

    To obtain zoning district information

  1. General Inquiry/Complaint Form

    If you have a Planning or Zoning related question or wish to file a complaint concerning a Code Violation.


  1. COP - Citizens On Patrol Interest Form
  2. Speed Sign Request

    Citizen request to have digital speed sign placed on a street or intersection to monitor speed rates.

  1. Golf Cart Registration

Public Works

  1. Residential Curbside Recycling Registration

    Register for curbside recycling service to receive a roll-out recycling bin and be added to the pick up route