Public Art Policy & Permits

The City of Lincolnton Public Art Program is committed to public art and considers Public Art integral to the fabric of the community by recognizing its potential to:

  • create livable cities

  • enhance neighborhood identity

  • strengthen economic development and tourism

  • educate children and adults

  • enrich the spirit and pride of its citizens

"Public art" shall be defined as any work of art created by artists or craftsmen and installed on a permanent basis in spaces that are visible from public streets and pedestrian walkways. Public Art means any original visual artwork including, but not limited to, sculptures, building murals, crosswalk or street murals, benches, pottery, bike racks, banners, photographic renderings, mosaics, and electronic art installations. The artwork must be completely free of any admission fees and be administered through a public process that provides opportunities for the community to participate and share their input. 

Public art does not include any architectural or landscape design except when developed by an artist.

Public Art shall be allowed in the downtown Central Business Program Area of the City.

The City of Lincolnton adopted a Public Art Ordinance in 2020 to ensure that public art is consistent with city goals, meets cohesive design standards, and provides a comprehensive review and approval process. LINK: Public Art Ordinance

Procedures for permits and approvals

A.    All Public Art shall require a permit and meet the terms of the Public Art Permit Application.

B.    Application requirements. Applicants are encouraged to discuss projects with city staff before submitting an application. Each permit application shall contain, but not be limited to, the following information.

C.    Submittal Requirements:

1.    Description of project including the type of artwork, location, how it contributes value to the Lincolnton Public Art Program, and estimated installation date.

2.    Site plan indicating the proposed location of the artwork with lot and building dimensions.

3.    Photographs of the location, including building elevations and/or streetscape.

4.    A scale drawing depicting the location and showing the proposed size and placement of the artwork.

5.    A color drawing, rendering, or photograph of the proposed artwork.

6.    A description of the proposed maintenance schedule that includes the time frame for the life of the artwork and method for removal, if applicable.

7.    All applications shall be accompanied by written approval of the property or building owner including:

i.    Permission to install artwork on property or building.

ii.    Owner acknowledgment that the artwork will be removed or covered for failure to maintain or for reaching a state of dilapidation.

iii.    Owner acknowledgment that if the property/building is sold a stipulation will be included in the contract for sale that the artwork must remain intact until such time that maintenance is required and/or the new owner wishes to replace the artwork.

Submit a Public Art Permit Application

All Public Art project applications must be submitted online and should include all requested materials and documents, which can be uploaded with the online application. LINK: Click for Public Art Application

Public Art Documents:

  1. Public Art Design Standards
  2. Public Art Property Owner Authorization
  3. Central Business Program Area

For any questions and to discuss Public Art Projects, contact:

Laura Morris via email at