Community Relations & Special Events

Community Relations

The Community Relations Department serves as an information conduit for the community and provides information to the public, media, and city employees on programs, events, services, and issues.

The department proactively communicates the city's accomplishments and activities both internally and externally and is responsible for:

  • Serving as Public Information Officer (PIO) for the city:
    • Media Relations with local, regional, & national media
    • Emergency communications with citizens & employees
    • Public relations and external marketing & promotion
  • Oversight of city communication tools:
    • Manages the city website, social media accounts & collateral materials
    • Writes content & designs graphics
    • Assists all departments with communication projects
  • Management of community events:
    • Facilitates event permitting, facility use, safety & support services
    • Creates opportunities for community outreach 
  • Serving as city liaison with multiple community organizations
  • Coordinating city services & support for community groups
  • Promoting citizen involvement
  • Developing grant funding opportunities