Closed Zoning Cases

Closed Applications

A closed application is an application for which a decision has been rendered by the appropriate board.
Case No. Description Hearing Date Decision
CZ-1-2023 Application from Morris Long requesting a conditional district zoning map amendment from Central Business Transitional (CBT) to Transitional Infill Development (TID) for the purpose of building four duplex units on 0.733 acres of land. The subject property is located at the northwest corner of North Flint Street and East Main Street (Parcel ID 00670). 03.02.2023 Denied
ZMA-1-2023 Application from JJW Properties, LLC requesting the rezoning of 0.403 acres of land from Residential-10 (R-10) to Residential-8 (R-8). The subject property is located on the east side of North Cedar Street approximately 125 feet north of the intersection of North Cedar Street and East Dixon Street (Parcel ID 17871). 03.02.2023 Denied
BOA-1-2023 Application from Carolina Elite Builders requesting a variance of Section 153.108 of the Lincolnton
Unified Development Ordinance (minimum side yard setbacks R-15 District). The minimum corner
side yard setback is 20 feet in the R-15 District. The applicant is proposing to build a single family
home and requesting a reduction of 10 feet to the side setback.
02.21.2023 Approved